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Thread: Pipe Gazette

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    Nice site, maybe I'll be able to rekindle my French. I see there are Inspector Maigret episodes on French TV. My favorite fictional detective after Sherlock. Well, Poirot is good too, but he wasn't a piper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon G View Post
    Whilst surfing the net, came across a French pipe forum. 'Pipe Gazette' got some interesting stuff on it, namely OTCs from France, Belgium & Italy that I've never come across. Worth a look.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dunstan Hillwell View Post
    Here you go, Ally.

    As Simon wrote, quite an interesting site.

    Thanks, Gentlemen!

    That's a nice site.
    I saw a video where the author shows how he likes to load his pipe with flake tobacco. Also, in the "comments", a few readers have come up with their own method of stuffing the pipe with flake tobacco.
    Nice read.

    Best regards,

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