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Thread: Another fun day at the post office

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    Im sure they are collectable. ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by achtman View Post
    I like the Jeantet. I like the shape and I have heard good things about Jeantet, without ever seeing one in reality.
    Jeantet makes very good pipes and the company was the one which introduced briar as pipe-making material. I had a Crystal Jeantet, which was a dead ringer for a Stanwell no. 71 and a good pipe friend liked it so much, that I gave it to him.

    Instead of giving your pipes to your original source, why don't you simply send 10 pipes at random to the first people from this forum who send you a PM shortly before you are cremated??? They would probably be very happy, especially if they have been ogling your pictures for the decades that I hope you will continue to be active.
    Your suggestion does make sense inasmuch as more people might get pleasure from my pipes, whether they smoke them or sell them, but how to administer it... "Let me see... I am going to be cremated in two weeks' time, so better get this fixed right away...".
    It might be one way of doing it.

    Thank you very much, Mark and I do hope that you and all the members of this great forum will be active many years on.

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