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Thread: G.W. Sims

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    Mr G.W.Sims later became a consultant by John Redman Ltd (in 1988 it was named Sims Redman Ltd).
    Jan Anderson of the Swedish club knew him and have been in his workshop.
    I have one unsmoked of his, a large dublin nothing special just a honest pipe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon G View Post
    Something very English about the prince shape, I've always thought. Every gentleman should have one, I reckon.
    I think mine suits me very well, wouldn't you say?

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    Yes it suits you magnificently!

    Somewhere in our communications, I remember a claim that a pot or a prince was particularly well suited for Balkan/English tobaccos. I've been trying to decide whether to keep my Fred Hanna blended McClelland Legends and Wilderness tobaccos where I am no longer enthused about Balkan blends. My first try in a different shape was somewhat disappointing so I've just tried it in a Prince.

    1. This so-called English pipe was made by a Greek, Chris Asteriou. Maybe that doesn't count.
    2. The advantage of the Prince was supposed to be that you had a broad bowl with limited depth. That works out to a relatively quick smoke with lots of flavour. Maybe a Prince is suited to Balkan's after all.
    3. That is bad news because I have possibly 10-20 Balkan's jarred or in tins from 3 years ago that I haven't smoked since then, and now I am curious how they taste in a Prince. Which would then prevent me from retasting all the vintage tobaccos I recently jarred or received from Simon.
    I guess there are worse problems to be confronted with:-)

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