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Thread: From Denmark

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    Corndog,...…..I always thought that corn cobs were most for fun -the sailor Popeye- and for boys - Huckleberry Finn- but I have found out that it is
    serious, so maybe I should try one so I know what I am talking about.
    I have a Peterson meerschaum which I do not smoke often, but when I do it is a good smoke.

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    The cobs are a perfect fit for me and my limited budget. Since I can't afford it all I have always been one to spend more on tobacco than pipes. And MM cobs are great smokers so it's win-win for me.

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    Hello Jørg.

    If you have the intention to buy a Corncob I can advise you to buy a one created by the Dagner brothers.
    They are available in The Danish Pipeshop in København.
    The stem ( mouthpiece ) of these Corncobds are much better as the ones from Missouri Meerschaum.
    And they have a very nice metal ring on the end of the shank. See picture below.

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