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Thread: A Comoy‘s from Denmark

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    A couple of beauties. Congratulations, Mark.

    In tabaco veritas et fumo ergo sum
    (Masperius the Elder)

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    Very nice. Great grain and a classic shape.

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    Thanks to all.

    When I first came back to pipes about 3 years ago I found a blog called Passion for Pipes by Neal Archer Roan. That blog taught me much of what I know about collecting pipes. Very well written and full of information.

    Neal also collected Blue Ribands, and apparently had started before they were well known and had gone up in price. He published a book showing his collection at Briar Press, and that book contains the best information on shapes and shape numbers and history of Comoy‘s that I have found. The photos are also magnificent.

    Since then I have repeatedly looked at Blue Ribands in eBay but never found one where I was willing to pay the price. This was the big exception because I like the shape so much. In fact, it was my other shape 210, a pre-WWII version in the Virgin Briar model, that first introduced me to this shape. That other pipe smokes well and tastes good but I ascribed that to the long stinger. However, this one smokes equally well and tastes superb even though it is not yet burned in, so maybe it is also the shape.

    What this pipe has also done for me is to help me understand why Neal and others are so enthused about the Blue Riband pipes. The contrast staining and grain are truly beautiful and worthy of comparison with modern artisan pipes.


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