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Thread: Going Back Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by RP McMurphy View Post
    Thank you ALL! And yes, life is too short and my daughter has much more then I have, I just pray she uses it wisely.
    I don't know if the star has dimmed any since I left but, I know it'll lead me back.
    And Rockbass, are you putting in an order? Are you sure you want a Cutty or a Cunadian?
    Thank you all again until next time.
    If you make it to specs., I will be your first sale of the grand return. We miss you and your work is unique and just plain snazzy.
    I can resist anything but temptation--Oscar Wilde

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    Could not be happier to hear from you again Ron! Youíve got to stay flexible in this world and it sounds like youíre making the right move. I canít wait to see your work again. Nobody makes a pipe quite like you do.

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