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Thread: Pipe Tools Question

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    I say get a cob, a pack of pipe cleaners, a Bic lighter and a pouch of Carter Hall. I am working on the assumption you have a pocket knife. Cobs are easy to smoke like a pro, and CH likewise is good, not quirky, etc. Make sure you like pipe smoking and it works for you before investing too much.

    There is a "wand picks the wizard" quality to pipe smoking. Tastes change. You will pick up a small lot of briars to get a billiard that catches your eye. There will be a bulldog in there that just came with the lot, but you clean them all up and as you smoke them, you decide you like the bulldog.

    Eventually you will fill in the blanks as you learn what you like.

    I have smoked since the 70's, and I don't really have any of the refurbishing things like wax. It has turned out that it has never been a priority for me in enjoying a pipe. You might decide it is a necessity for you, but you won't know until you have been smoking for a while.

    As a data point, my brother decided to give pipe smoking another try. He has always been a cigar guy. He had tried a basket pipe with the light aromatics the local pipe shop insisted he would like. They did not have much flavor or the expected nicotine for him. I gave him a used Ehrlich pot and samples of Picayune, Big-n-Burley and Old Joe Krantz. I checked in a few weeks later. He said he bought a pound of the Picayune and he was a happy convert to pipe smoking.

    Don't make it too complicated.
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    Aye Mr Kim, looks like the Padre ‘as it all set up fer Ye. I too been wit the pipe since the ‘70’s, ‘twernt till I found the online forums that I found this new world of baccy and pipes available to us. Got a good case o PAD/TAD. ‘Njoy Ye quest Lad, treat it like a marathon n just pace yeself. Aye, n Ye always ask this motley crew o characters fer help any time. They be snarky but they’ll ne’er steers Ye wrong...

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