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Thread: WTG - Aromatics

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    WTG - Aromatics

    I have two bags free to a good aromatic home in the CONUS

    1. C&D Autumn Evening (56g 1-2015) has a nice maple scent.

    2. Newminster #48 Danish Gold (56g 9-2014) also smells of maple but that could be because it's been stored in the same jar as the Autumn Evening, haha.

    Both ziplock bags have been sealed in a jar to keep them moist. I got these in a gift box from a fellow piper a few years ago and I think I may have smoked one bowl of the Autumn Evening. I just don't do Aros and I'm in need of the jar. The wife says the jar smells good so I'll have to wash it.

    If there's anyone here who would smoke these I'll happily pay it forward. the topTop

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    This one needs to be closed please. The tobacco is long gone. Thanks. the topTop


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