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    Sam Gawith US

    Does anyone happen to know when the 1 pound boxes of Sam Gawith were phased out in the US? All I know for sure is it was post 2007 as that's the last time I bought any that way. Now it's 50g tins or 250g boxes here and I know it's different in Europe.


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    Dont know the answer to your question ,but only 250 grams boxes listed on UK site,although Gawith Hoggarth blend are 500 gr

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    Thanks Paul. I haven't ordered from the UK in several years but GQ is still listing some SG blends in 500g factory bags.

    But the reason I asked was because I came across a 1 pound box of SG Kendal Cream Flake. Slightly less than the 500g.

    These boxes used to be sold here in the US at several places. They went away I'm guessing 10 years ago. I'm just trying to determine how much time that box has been sitting.

    GH can still be found here in the states in 500g boxes but SG is only available in 50g tins and 250g boxes. At least I think that's the case now.


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