I'm looking to recoup some of my baccy spending $$$ this month by selling my sealed tins of McClelland Frog Morton blends. I'd like to do this in one package deal for the following tins all of which have been kept in my cabinet cellar. Looking around at various places I see these discontinued cans are fetching a pretty penny so before I go that route I'd like to offer them to a PSU member at a fair price. I would greatly prefer selling over trading but would consider trading for several VA's or VaPers of equivalent value. Also, I'm not too keen on shiping outside the US as last time I did it was a major PITA. But if someone across the pond wants to foot the bill for the shipping and help with a preferred method I'd be open to discussion.

I'm going to ask $125 for the lot which will include Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. I think this is a fair price considering age and availability. Payment by PayPal Friends and Family or by check or money order pending clearance of funds.

The tobacco is as follows, 4 tins, 300g of Froggies. Thanks guys!

The name Frog Morton comes to us from the works of JRR Tolkien. Frogmorton: A village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. It stood on the East Road, between the Three-farthing Stone (fourteen miles to the west) and the Brandywine Bridge (twenty-two miles to the east). Immediately to the north of the village, the stream known as the Water broke into two, creating a wide watery region - this feature seems to have given Frogmorton its name, which means "frog marsh".

Frog Morton - 100g tin from 2005

An exceptionally dark, rich and full Latakia Mixture designed for those who desire really satisfying Latakia flavor but want a pipe tobacco soft enough to smoke anytime. It took Frog Morton four years to perfect this unique blend designed for smoking in quiet serenity. It is his proudest achievement.

Frog Morton's Cellar - 100 g tin from 2014

A mellow, fragrant latakia blend aged with stave cubes cut from barrels used to mature and flavor Frog Morton's own special whiskeys.

Frog Morton Across the Pond - 50g tin from 2004

Remarkably cool-smoking, delightfully fragrant. Frog Morton journeyed far across the pond to find the exotic components for this rich, smooth pipe tobacco blend enhanced with rare Syrian Latakia. He says it was worth the trip.

Frog Morton on the Bayou - 50g tin from 2006

When vacationing on placid waters of the Bayou, Frog Morton prefers this rich Balkan blend, to which he adds just enough precious Louisiana Perique. Smooth and dark and calming, a relaxing Balkan Blend.