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Thread: Whats Everyones Favorite Pipe Brand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piffyr View Post
    Personally, I prefer them to be 'improper'.
    I would have to agree.

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    Give her back her broom and send her my way.

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    Well, it has been a couple of months since young Ty has been active. Maybe a new response to his thread will urge him on to greater activity.

    My favorite brand is Dr Grabow. My first pipe was a Grabow Viking with a Dublin bowl. I bought that pipe from an Albertsons in Midland, Texas in 1979. That pipe is gone, lost in the mists of my West Texas history but it has been followed by many more fine Grabow pipes. Like Fr Tom above, I like the older threaded tenon Grabow pipes but no less do I enjoy smoking my filter push stems. I rarely use the filters but the pipes never complain. They are always a cool, dry smoke regardless of the tobacco. Dr Grabow us just a darn good brand, built right to smoke right.

    Following Dr G I have some super smoking Savinelli and Rossi pipes. Missouri Meerschaum is always a good choice too, but Dr Grabow just does it for me. I'll post a few pics just for kicks. Didn't know I was a poet, didja?

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