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Thread: Okay, I've about had it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RP McMurphy View Post
    Thank you Sonny but, it seems since then everything works as intended again without a miss. Don't know, not doing anything differently.
    Probably outta keep my mouth shut and knock on wood.
    I do that every day...""Tapping myself on the head"...every day.
    Take care and check six!


    "If it ain't broke, you haven't tried hard enough yet"

    Pipe Smoking - The next Extreme Sport - Where else can you take something that can cost almost as much as a car, fill it with combustible material, and light it on fire...for enjoyment!

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    Was having that prob;em again Ron but it sorted itself out this morning.New computer up and running well.Ron I have been dreaming of smoking a Devils Anse made by the illustrious R.D.P

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