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Thread: A Gift Beyond Measure

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigmilllar View Post
    This is great Gentlemen. will be read many times. I have a nice Leo B. but it is even better knowing more about the man behind the pipe.
    When I first meet Leo in the 80ties he was new elected member of the board in his community for the Socialdemocrats.
    He bought my buffing machine. We went over to a shop nearby to buy a motor. 250 the man said which I thought was cheap.220 Leo said - I think it ended at 225 and as far as I remember he had Jørn Larsen fra Karise to make so the motor so it could take the wheels.And he came with wheels, wax etc. I found it all cheap.
    Later he became ill.

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    Well done gentlemen. Craig ...great thoughts good on you!
    "The box with the least amount of matches makes the most noise." MWB

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