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Thread: What Is In Your Pipe? - October 2018.

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    First pipe smoked in autumn 1996, regular smoker since spring 1997.

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    I'm sitting in the shed after a homemade fish and chips dinner with the whole family. Today I got more more done than anticipated. Minor household chores, then out in the garden to trim the ivy on the edge of the yard where the cars are parked, sweep the cobwebs off the ceiling of my shed, and start putting pavers in place for the lamps to be screwed in place at last, ten months after the makeshift solution of keeping the lamps in place with bricks. I'm hopeless with manual work involving tools, precision or both. So after digging shallow holes I didn't get the pavers to sit evenly in them. My brother in law had mercy or pity with me and did it properly, and he also drilled holdes into the pavers and screwed the lamps in. Good to have this task off the list in what might be the last sunny and dry weather for a while. Yet rain is only forecasted for Wednesday.

    It wasn't really warm today despite the sun, and it quickly cooled further down in the evening. I'm comfortable in the shed now with the heating and a wooden jacket on.

    Smoking an all-G&H version of the latest mix, Brown Flake Unscented, Black and Brown Twist, Latakia, Perique and MB Bold Kentucky. I need to cut a thinner slice of the Brown twist next time.

    The pipe I'm using is a Comoy Tradition bulldog. Earlier it was the same mix in a Blakemar Aristocrat bulldog and Rattray's Hal O' the Wynd in a Blakemar Champion bent rhodesian.

    Best wishes

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    A couple minutes away from smoking MacBaren Burley London Blend in a smooth medium bend 2011 Rinaldo Collection Fiammata Silver Line 7 Odea 4 flame grain bulldog with a silver band and a tortoise shell acrylic stem.


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