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Thread: Hello, need help on tobacco cellar project

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    Hello, need help on tobacco cellar project

    I am new on this forum and I think I am deep in to it hehe, love the pipe smoking.
    I do have question to you.
    Looking to build small cellar with 24 tobaccos.

    So far since I am totally green in this I think I do like the sweet notes of tobaccos ( I have blend of brandy berry and totally love it )
    Would love to hear from members who like sweeter tobacco and learn from.
    Could you tell me your Dirty Dozen of your favorite tobacco ? I would greatly apriciate

    I am sure I might like some or not , but heck I have to start somewhere right !
    We live in rural part of Montana where we have 2 smoke or tobacco shops only.
    So far I found pipe and cigar on line catalog helpful one and ordered few tobaccos.

    I ordered the other day :
    Sutliff black cherry
    Admirals cherry cavendish
    Pete Stokebye 303 peaches & creame
    Captain black cherry B67F9AE2-395D-4E85-91E8-EA6BC0D7FECC.jpeg

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    I don't think there are a lot of aromatic smokers on this forum, but I think I can help you out with a few suggestions. Mac Baren's Vanilla Cream is a personal favorite of mine as is Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic. Sutliff's Molto Dolce will absolutely satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, if you'd like to try something non-aromatic, give Peter Stokkebye's Luxury Twist Flake a try. It has a good bit of sweetness and a mild, vanilla-ish topping, but there's still plenty of room for the flavor of the Virginias to shine through.

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    Thank you , I will make not of these. I am at this learning curve that I passible will smoke some fuller flavors.

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    Montana ..? lucky you. I'm a keen wild brown trout fisher

    try Hearth and Home ''Trout Stream' from 4noggins - I had some and loved it.!!

    always wanted to import some - but HM Gov UK Import Taxes are too high


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