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Thread: Estate Sixten Ivarsson for cheap...

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    Estate Sixten Ivarsson for cheap...

    You can now own a piece of history, an Estate Sixten Ivarsson Blasted Billiard, for a mere $109.99! And there's more The seller has EIGHT of these beauties in stock!!! Hurry while stocks last!

    Is this type of blatant false advertising even allowed?
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    "Bowl material: kevazingo wood"

    This is a new one to me.
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    Goodness...and they're even made with real kevazingo wood, too, whatever that is.

    Edit: I did some research and found this:

    Kevazingo is popular because of its decorative appearance and favourable properties. The wood can be used for exterior applications, but is mostly used for furniture, cabinetwork, stairs, parquet, moldings and joinery (panelling).

    Timber from Kevazingo trees is highly valued in Asia. The Japanese and Chinese use it to make chic tables and chairs, as well as wooden bells, panels and specialty guitars, which count among export products.
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    $10 for the fake pipe and $100 for the free gifts.


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