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Thread: My Experience: Tips

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    My Experience: Tips

    I got the idea for this thread after reading Crawford's post about freshening up a meer with coffee grounds.

    We all have our own experiences in a life of pipe smoking. Solutions to problems we incur, cleaning pipes, ways to prepare different tobaccos and matches versus lighters etc. are gained by our individual experiences. These occasions are eureka moments sometimes and others are just run of the mill common sense. But they all contribute to our pleasure in some form or another.

    So people let's see if we can get a list of one good or best practice tip from everyone. We need to know "the tip" and the reason why it works or why it was needed. I suspect most of us have more than one useful tip as well.

    I'll start us off; The 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 method of stuffing tobacco into a new pipe to break it in never worked any better than stuffing it and go. In fact just stuffing it and setting light to a new pipe solves two problems; impatience and trying to remember which 1/3rd you are at.
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    dont stuff folded flakes too tightly

    they swell and choke off the air flow - completely - ask me how i know....
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    I like the advice given by John Patton's father.

    "Dry your tobacco more than you think you need to.
    Pack it looser than you think you need to.
    Smoke it slower than you think you need to.
    Tamp it less, and more lightly, than you think you need to. Clean your pipes after every smoke, using pipe spirits of some sort.
    Donít worry if you have a few relights.
    And realize that becoming an accomplished pipe smoker will take time, patience, and trial and error."

    I adhere to these guidelines, although I am a slacker about cleaning. I have never used "pipe spirits," although I clean heck out of them internally with PGA when I get an estate. I am often smoking the same pipe all day without cleaning between smokes, and if anything the smokes seem to improve as the day goes on. I know this flies in the face of common practice/wisdom. It still works better for me to think of a pipe as a cast iron skillet that benefits from a little seasoning.

    I have another tip I got from John Patton - If something is really dry I will exhale a couple of times through the loaded bowl (from the bowl end if that makes sense) to hydrate things a little.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooklin Bill View Post
    I got the idea for this thread after reading Crawford's post about freshening up a meer with coffee grounds.
    Managed to find the post where I got the idea from Bill. It was posted by paulfg.

    From what i have read Crawford you put damp used grounds in and allow them to dry for a day or two.Then remove the grounds and give the chamber a hot water flush and dry with a piece of kitchen towel.

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    I had a really, really stubborn Lakeland essence in a briar I didnít want it in, it ruined every tobacco I put in there and it was driving me mad! It was amazing how much those flavors covered up the natural tobaccoís I put in that pipe. Anyway, I learned from Anthony that you can exorcise that ghost with vinegar! I soaked a cotton ball with white, distilled vinegar and stuffed it in my bowl overnight. I removed the cotton ball and let the pipe rest for a few days. Next time I lit that pipe up the ghost was barley noticeable and within a few smokes it was completely gone. I tried everything up util that point including the coffee grounds. Maybe the coffee grounds work better on a meer?

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    I did the same as hawky, with a positively foul smelling old estate briar. Although I used distilled white 'malt' vinegar. This left a very enjoyable ghost, which disappeared after 2-3 bowls.
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    Have a old 6 paneled Rhodesian with a horned stem that had a bad Lakeland ghost. I was afraid of retorting it because of the stem, not knowing how horn would take to it so I just reamed it to the wood and used 99% ISO and cleaners on it. It didn't take it all out and I could really taste it towards the bottom, so I loaded it up with ODF and suffered through about 4 bowls and left it for awhile.
    Loaded a bowl up today and no more ghost, ODF will take any ghost out in my opinion. The pipes I smoke ODF in exclusively I can't smoke anything else in now, makes everything I smoke taste like ODF now.


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