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Thread: Amphora Virginia Flake?

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    Amphora Virginia Flake?

    Is this the stuff I hear so much about around here?

    I see it often mentioned as a flake but this appears to be a blend? Broken flake perhaps??

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    That's the stuff, Pat. It's really more of a broken flake that come in long strands instead pieces and packs easily.

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    Yep..thats what I bought. I think you will like it, when/if you decide to try it.
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    Yes a broken flake and very nicely presented it is too. Of the 11 pouches I have bought a few of them still had several large pieces of flake in them which for me was nice. Currently on the last pouch so shall have to get more in.....only 35gr in the pouches you get here.

    I love it, especially for the first pipe of the day. Then again we're all different...some bloke on YouTube did a review and thought it was tasteless which left me confused.

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    Thanks guys, I thought as much but wasn't sure. I'll be stopping in the cob shop in the next day or two for pipe cleaners and I have a short list of tobacco to look for and it's now on the list. Trying to remember if I saw it the last time I was in and I'm drawing a blank. I do know they carry Mac B baccy though so we'll see.


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