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Thread: Il Duca Barone Morta

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    Il Duca Barone Morta

    Hi Guys,
    Just acquired this beautiful little pipe in morta and wanted to see if I could get a consensus about whether or not morta pipes should or should not be allowed to acquire a cake? Some folks noted that if a cake were acquired then the pipe could crack easily if reamed as it is not like a regular briar and is more like a meer? Some folks noted that (unlike a meer) you would still have to be careful with your morta pipe not to smoke to rashly or you might have a burnout as the pipe was still a briar? I am back into smoking again and have a terrible case of P.A.D. Please pray that it is not terminal!! lol

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    Not many Morta pipe smokers on here Gary although I've definitely seen one or two pictures of them posted.....jimbo44 being one for sure. Hopefully he'll see this and be able to help you out.


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