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Thread: Downsizing Continues pt2

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    Downsizing Continues pt2

    Charatan's Make 2502DC Special grade 85 GBP posted worldwide

    Charatan's Make 322DC Rhodesian special grade 85 GBP


    tried to rotate pictutes but still upside down dont know why,can mads fix it please
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    I'm sorry I don't have a quick solution to the upside down photo, but I think I have found an explanation: Each image file comes with added information including about the orientation. Some software that is used to rotate photos doesn't change the added info while rotating the software, and some browsers or other software display the image right regardless of the info in the file. That's how you can get into trouble with this forum software while elsewhere the picture looks just fine.

    The forum platform used for this forum strictly follows the added info (called EFIX), so to get the image displayed in the right way, the info needs to be changed, too.

    There's software for that, and more explanation here:

    Unfortunately, I only just about understand myself what I have just written, it is based on a few posts on the web that I found. I still hope it helps, or someone else can offer an easier solution.

    Best wishes


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