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Thread: Two New Pipes

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    Two New Pipes

    Since I am suffering from P.A.D. and since it is terminal I acquired two pipes to add to my rotation. The first is an IL Duca Barone DDD morta and the second is a Radice Silk Cut Stack. Both pipes are sandblasted and are black. The morta is billiard shaped. My wife only knows about one of the pipes so let's keep this on the QT. As I anticipated both pipes smoked beautifully and if I'd had let them would have smoked to the bottom of the bowl with one light. The morta pipe is supposed to be resistant to burn out but I smoked it as it wasn't. I am cleaning the interior of the bowl after each bowlfull to eliminate any cake build up. The Radice was smoked gently and extra care was made not get any rim darkening. I am breaking the pipes in with Levant Mixture by Drucquer and Sons. A delightful Balkan that explodes with flavor. I have four pipes that I am anxiously awaiting coming back from being restored by Briarville Pipe Repair. If you need anything done to your pipes Ric Farragh is the man and will take care of you. He does supberb work!! Anyways,
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryWW View Post
    My wife only knows about one of the pipes so let's keep this on the QT.
    Our lips are sealed, Gary. Congrats on the new pipes!

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