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Thread: Ever "duplex load" your pipe?

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    Ever "duplex load" your pipe?

    Black powder shooters sometimes do what is called duplex loading. It's putting some smokeless powder at the bottom of the charge to help reduce the fouling of black powder shooting.

    I'm trying this with my pipe. I used to smoke a Virginia Burley from my local source and enjoyed it a lot. Then I tried some of his Cavendish/cherry mix and actually preferred that and smoke that now.

    However, two of my pipes don't get along with the Cavendish as well as the burley and can go bitter at the bottom.

    Soooo.... I tried starting the bowl with the burley as a thin layer and loading the Cav on top.


    I pulled two of my pipes I had sorta retired and tried this method. It brought them up to the level I like from all the pipes.

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    Not quite the same thing but the other day I had just started half a bowl of a Burley blend when suddenly the wife said we had to go out. Rather than carry more tobacco I topped the bowl up but made a mistake and used a latakia blend instead. Turned out bloody awful!!


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