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Thread: Mac Baren Takes Over Planta Blends.

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    Mac Baren Takes Over Planta Blends.

    Mac Baren Tobacco is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire the outstanding brands from Planta Tabak-Manufactur’s traditional portfolio. “We are very proud to have completed the acquisition of the pipe and finecut tobacco business of Planta Tabak-Manufaktur,” said Mac Baren CEO Simon Sophus Nielsen. “The Planta portfolio includes a number of very strong and internationally renowned brands that strengthen the product range of the Mac Baren Tobacco Company. We look forward to developing and leveraging the full potential of these wonderful brands across all our markets globally.”

    For Nils Obermann and Lukas Stiller, the young managing directors of the traditional Kreuzberg company, the move was a difficult but deliberate step. After 63 years and three generations of successful ownership, the family-owned company stopped producing tobacco in Berlin on 31st August 2019. “With the many challenges our family has faced over the past few years and the ever-increasing requirements of the EU Tobacco Directive, we have decided to withdraw from tobacco production,” said Nils Obermann.

    However, the decision to discontinue the Planta Tobacco Production in Berlin is by no means the end for Planta’s popular pipe tobacco and fine cut brands. Brands like Danish Black Vanilla, Holger Danske, Cellini, PL88 and Cheetah – to mention only a few – will be continued by Mac Baren Tobacco Company. “Mac Baren’s offer to acquire our business required little consideration and we quickly agreed,” said Lukas Stiller. “Like us, Mac Baren is an old, well- established family business, and we are very happy that the legacy of our parents and grandparents will continue,” said Lukas Stiller. Going forward, international sales for Planta tobacco will be managed directly by Mac Baren Denmark, while German distribution will remain in Berlin at Unitas Tabakfabrik GmbH, a Planta sister company that was included in the transaction.

    The parties are happy to announce that Nils Obermann has agreed to stay with the business as Managing Director with Unitas.

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    and thanks Jim for sharing the news. The consolidation of the pipe tobacco industry seems to be progressing fast. The Gawiths under one roof again, British brands divided up between Mac Baren and Kohlhase & Kopp. Perhaps, eventually, just two big ones will be left in Europe, and diversity will not lie in the variety of manufacturers, but only of recipes and brand names (or just more so than it already does).

    Best wishes

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    Thank God that they were able to sell a Tobacco Co. outright in these days of all the Antis. pushing for the closure of all tobacco companies and there products.



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