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Thread: Jim's Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired Plug Cut Review.

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    Jim's Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired Plug Cut Review.

    This plug is obviously much like the flake and ready rubbed versions, but there are a few differences, which I will note. The main component is the earthy, woody, floral, spicy, fairly dry, mildly tart and more tangy sour, nutty dark fired Kentucky. The earthy, woody, tangy dark fruity, mildly citrus sweet Virginias, and earthy, woody, nutty sweet burleys are secondary stars. The natural sweetness of the varietals are enhanced, and the taste is a little more well rounded with fewer rough edges than the earlier productions by how this is processed; a typical characteristic of plug versions. It is just a little less strong than the other offerings as it crosses over the medium mark by a couple of steps. The taste level is a rung more potent than that, and is nearly equal to the earlier manufactures mainly because the vinegar and McClellandesque barbecue are a little hardier here, though they very mildly weaken after the half way mark. The nic-hit is a touch weaker, and barely reaches the medium threshold. You will notice every aspect of the well balanced, harmonious complexity of its very consistently sweet and savory full bodied flavor in virtually every puff. Won’t bite. The plug has some density and moisture, but is fairly easy to break apart to suit your personal preparation preference. I did not feel the need to dry it, but some smokers may feel differently. Burns cool, clean, and slow. Leaves little moisture in the bowl, and needs a fair number of relights. Has a pleasant, lingering campfire after taste and stronger room note. Unlike its predecessors, this could possibly be an all day smoke for the very experienced veteran. Four stars out of four.

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    I do so like ODF, but you know on price, so I'm still going with Ready Rubbed bulk, in fact I think I need to order more soon! I do have quite a few tins of older flake for long term ageing. A great tobacco no matter the cut.

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    Damn you Jim! Now I'm going to have to try it, if for no other reason that I love ODF (in any form) so much.


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