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Thread: Rare 1950's Comoy Blue Riband 8 Panel #441 Estate.

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    Rare 1950's Comoy Blue Riband 8 Panel #441 Estate.

    This was included in the 9 estates that i picked up on Saturday. Took me awhile to track it down on the net because the writing has worn off. It has a real bad crack/split in the bowl that i normally would not have repaired, but in this case i shall. Whom can i send it to who can repair it?

    This one is a Lord Waverly (no E). The white dot is NOT a dot but merely a tiny hole where a symbol was. The pipe looks and feels to be of high quality but i can find no info on it.

    This Meer is absolutely AWSOME! However it has no name on it. I do not believe it is homemade but i can find no info on it. The stem cleaned up nicely since taking the picture. I can smoke it but the draw seems to be tight. I can run a very thin cleaner tru to the bowl but it is not enough draw. I have to figure a way to open the draw as i cannot remove stem.

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    I'd be tempted to send the Meer to Sinan and see what he could do?
    Cheers, Dallas

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    That's kind of cool, finding a meer like that...
    May your bowls always be full


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