Aye Lads, I 'as been smokin pipes now since 1972 on n off, mostly on... n. come t a revelation in the buildin o a cake in the bowl. Many o me pipes never seemed t want to build a cake t be protectin itself. By chance one day I was playin wit the ash left behind from a flake smoke which went all the way to the bottom o the pipe. By stirring up the ash it came to the upper part o the bowl n left a white residue in place as I kept playin wit it. So I decided t use the back o a Czech spoon n pressed the ash into the side o the bowl.

I 'ave done this several times t different pipes which I 'ad been smokin regularly that failed t build any cake at all. Since tryin this approach I used it on a new, (in 2018), Peterson Donegal Rocky that Ye 'ave seen here many times. It wouldnae build a cake until I started t play with the ash afore I scuttled it. Now she 'as a nice cake t insulate the bowl as does each o the pipes I 'as done this wit.

Olde habits die hard, as I fail t do this each time I scuttle the ash from a bowl... But, when done it works grand... Once it takes the cake builds evenly through the bowl n it no longer be necessary to stir n press the ash.

Wot 'as been Ye experience wit the the dread bowl cake?

Inquirin minds want to know... Rum fer ALL!!2-cents.gif cheers.gif