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    There are many…but in June this year, I sent an email to two that I was particularly concerned about:

    Dean Wakeman (Estate Pipes UK) – S. Wales had been badly hit by floods and then by Covid-19 and for a while his website was shut down.

    I’m delighted to say that I have just received a long email reply. He has had problems with family illness and bereavement and is now heavily involved in home schooling (age 9-10 maths this morning!). However, his business is ticking over and he is keeping his pecker up (so to speak)

    He asks that I pass on a message – “Please say Hi to Ally & the crew if you get a chance, I will be returning to the forums soon & look forward to posting with you all again.” I will encourage him to do just that. The PSU “Banter Merchants” are sadly depleted these days!. ..

    Troy Lloyd (misterlowercase) – a genius and true guru of pipe and tobacco lore. I was worried about mlc for other reasons.
    I have not heard back and hope he has simply changed his email server. If anyone else has heard from him recently, please send me a PM.
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