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Thread: Brown Meerschaum?

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    Brown Meerschaum?

    Here is a pipe that I recently acquired as part of a lot. It is unmarked. At first I thought it was some no-name briar or some other cheap wood pipe, but after examining it more closely I realize it's a meerschaum. The only thing is, I have never seen an evenly colored brown meerschaum before. I thought they all started out white and gradually got darker in spots, but never evenly like this. Besides, the pipe looks like it has only been smoked a few times, not enough for a significant coloring. Can someone explain this? Were meerschaums made in colors other than white? Thanks.

    Brown Meerschaum 1a.jpg

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    I think the color was either achieved by "fuming" or by a light coat of stain.

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    Peterson's have done black meershaum pipes, both smooth & rusticated in the past. What was popular many moons ago was 'Ox Blooding' the bottom half of the pipes, never seen one like yours though. Looks great!


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