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Thread: What tobacco’s are you acquiring for your cellar atm

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    What tobacco’s are you acquiring for your cellar atm

    I’m always interested in what people are cellaring and pay attention to brands that seem to cellar well. My current focus is on Virginia’s with one exception and that is Latakia Flake from Mac Baren. My list

    Union Square GLP
    Virginia Flake C&D
    Full Virginia Plug Samuel Gawith
    Scottish Autumn Flake Samuel Gawith
    Flake Peterson/Dunhill
    Latakia Flake Mac Baren

    These are my primary focus at the moment with a view to stash them deep in a cellar and retrieve no earlier than 5 years. I should add that Latakia Flake is in my regular rotation so I purchase enough to do both.

    So what are you hoarding, Virginia’s, Va/Per, Va/Bur, Orientals, English, Balkans and what brands are you having great success with?

    I tried to do a poll on this but I don’t seem to be able. Maybe some one can share the magic on how to make that happen.
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    I've cellared my favorites, Paul...

    ...HH Pure VA Flake
    ...Wessex Brown VA Flake
    ...DTM Limerick VA Flake
    ...Former's Straight Grain Flake
    ...Original Dunhill Flake and Dark Flake
    ...C&D Haunted Bookshop
    ...and I just added a 50g tin of Solani 633.

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    I've substantially laid off cellaring the past few months as I was laying it on thick 2020-2022.

    Most recently I got 4 tins of the C&D Small Batch Anthology 1992-2022, which is a VaPer but I have too many blends I wish to crack open and try first so I don't have plans to get to this any time soon.

    Most cellared are my favorite Cornell & Diehl bulks. Next for bulks most cellared are my favorite Sam and Gawith Hoggarth tobaccos; Broken Scotch Cake, Full Virginia Flake, St. James Flake, Best Brown #2, Ennerdale Flake, Rum Twist, Happy Brown Bogie, and smaller amounts of Rum Flake, Kendal Flake, and the others.

    At least a few tins of most Sam Gawith. An old stash of some McClelland's. A growing fondness and stash of G.L. Pease. I didn't get into Pease blends until just a few years ago, almost entirely avoiding them my first seven years pipe smoking.

    I stuck down 2-3 of each of the Mac Baren limited release (US) tins from the past couple years. Most all the C&D Small Batch releases. Clearly, it's very broad. In the long term I wish to cellar much deeper of my favorite C&D, Pease & Gawith blends and then anything else will be to sample a tin or two or some bulk of something outside of that. I've gotta admit that it's become fatiguing in ways from having too many choices and probably 100 blends in jars and 30 or so blends in tins that I've never even tried yet(that's not including all my favorites cellared in tins). I just convince myself to not worry about it because I will get around to everything, and some of the tins I've never tried yet are already approaching 2-3 years of age. It's simultaneously very rewarding to reach a point where I could reach in the cellar and pop something new I've never tried once a month for the next few years and it's a robust cellar, much better than my B&M ever has stocked.

    Time is going way too fast. Haven't had a ton of time to smoke this summer season but the fall always roars in with lots of smoking.
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