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Thread: Peterson 2022 POY

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    Peterson 2022 POY

    If you don't have one of these, GQ Tobaccos (Europe) has them at a reasonable price, as does a seller on ebay. They only have the sandblasted (yucch), the rusticated (double yucch) and the Heritage (yum).

    Peterson has done historical pipes for the POTY, three years in a row. The 2020 (9BC) was a little off and had a dip in the shank from side-to-side, as opposed to the original which 'sometimes' had a beautiful shank dip from top-to-bottom. Artistic license done very well.

    This year's pipe is a duplicate of Mark Twain's 308 bowl with an 'A' space-saver stem. I have four and they are exactly alike and very, very close to the original design. I bought five and sold one to a friend who got screwed by the SmokingPipes 'double sell', which nailed many of us last year (me included). I picked up the Terracotta from someone who kind of accidentally got two, a Heritage, which surprisingly has nice grain and no fill that I can spot, and several 'Dark Smooth', which is a stain that I haven't seen on Petersons in a long time. Best I can tell they were attempting to duplicate the stain on Mark Twain's pipe, and I think they did a great job. What really impressed me was the consistency in stummel shape, and also that the mouthpiece is thin near the bit, which is historically accurate.
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    Hello, Scott...glad to see your post! Out of curiosity, what was the smokingpipes "double sell"? Selling more than what was in stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coalsmoke View Post
    Hello, Scott...glad to see your post! Out of curiosity, what was the smokingpipes "double sell"? Selling more than what was in stock?
    Thanks Russ.

    Two issues - the double sell refers to issue #2. These problems happened last year, SmokingPipes said they were very sorry and would make sure it didn't happen again, and then this year it happened again. So they made no attempt to fix the problem (it's a simple software thing - I was a programmer for decades, so I know this is true).

    1) pipes in your cart are not protected;i.e-they are still in inventory until actually paid for.
    2) pipes you have paid for are also not protected;i.e-two people (minimum) can pay for the same pipe. You'll get an email the next day telling you that someone else paid for it first.
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    I mentioned the 2020 and 2022 pipes of the year, but intentionally left out the 2021. So here goes...

    The 2021 is a wonderful pipe - beautiful and a great smoker. To be fair, the 2020 had less design variables, so it was difficult to screw up.

    The 2021 had many design variables, and the designers re-designed almost all of them. I've already mentioned the problems in a previous post, but this year's POTY hi-lighted the biggest problem: If you look at the stems of the 2021 and 2022 pipes from the top, the 2022 stem is obviously thinner near the the original was on the 4AB and on Mark Twain's pipe. I have an original AB stem, and also many stems from the 1930's - they NEVER issued stems that were wide near the bit. It looks to me like Giacomo Penzo, who oversaw both projects, had much more influence this year. I own two of his pipes, so I have the utmost respect for him. Regarding the 2022 POTY, I couldn't find any problems other than the placement of the 'hole' in the bit - one of mine had the hole off to the side and another had it way too far up the stem. Still, smoking would not be affected - it just indicates shoddy quality control. But you know this going in.

    So with three 'historical reproduction' pipes in a row, what will next year's be? My guess is the 155 XL, for reasons all of you know. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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