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Thread: What Tobacco Did You Receive Today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon G View Post
    I'd leave the pipe alone until you're better if I was you mate! I recently had a humdinger of a cold & didn't smoke for a few days. Gotta give nose & throat a break when you're sick. Besides which, it's a waste of the Saint, which is a sin in itself.
    I've given up trying to post photos for the time being, but I'll get round to it eventually.
    Yeah, I gave up on it, not worth it if ya canít taste anything. Gotta get my vitamin N somehow though so Iíve been dipping just until Iím able to smoke again.

    If youíre using a mobile device for viewing this forum, I highly recommend using Tapatalk. It makes posting pics a piece of cake!

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    10 pouches St. Bruno RR
    4 oz of Star of the East
    4 oz Engine 99
    1 zippo pipe lighter
    7 bags of pipe cleaners.

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    Wow, thats a small fortune over here, just got another 50g of Royal Yacht and some more Elizabethan mixture, also just got a Promise pipe lighter which i'm not impressed with and a senior reamer.


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    From 4Noggins, 8 oz of Tilbury, and two tins of Solani 633 (got to keep that shipping dollar cost average per item down don't you know... ).


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