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Thread: What Tobacco Did You Receive Today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon G View Post
    I was in Spain last week, so stocked up with a couple of pounds of St. Bruno. Noticed an increase in prices over there. Capstan flake has gone from 5 to 7 a tin & tins of Gawith are now at 10. Thankfully the Bruno has seen only a small increase, 50g pouches now at 5.70. Also got a couple of partagas 'El Presidente' ready for Christmas.
    Spain is where my recently acquired 1/2 Kg of Condor Ready Rubbed was bought by my niece. I'd have preferred the Flake but beggars can't be choosers and I don't believe it's available there anyway. Wouldn't have minded some St Bruno as well but didn't want to push my luck.
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    My Danpipe order arrived today:
    2x250g St Bernard Flake

    And a range of Torben Dansk blending tobaccos:
    250g Black Cavendish English style (unflavoured)
    50g Virginia Mysore 1.6mm
    50g Virginia Mysore Ready Rubbed
    50g Virginia Zaire 1.6mm
    50g Louisiana Perique
    50g Burley Maduro 2.5mm
    50g Latakia Spezial

    6x60g Denicool filter crystals
    2080 Blitz System pipe cleaners

    So plenty to play with in the coming weeks.

    Best wishes


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