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Thread: What Tobacco Did You Receive Today?

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    Thanks, all.
    Ally, by further inspection I discovered that the year 2016 was written in pencil on the back label, so it's not as old as I first thought.
    Anthony, I read about Osborne tobaccos years ago, but of course I forgot what I read. I just remembered the name.
    Simon, indeed, it does. The tin looks foreboding in a promising sort of way.

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    Jesper, intrigued by your tin of Osborne, I did some investigating.
    It was originally done by mcConnells in Scotland. It also included a small amount of perique & was a robust 'full strength' flake.
    When the original mcConells changed hands, production shifted to kolhouse & kopp in Germany. They omitted the perique & weakened it a bit, but it's still remembered as a medium to full strength smoke. It sounds like a very good flake!
    Interestingly, your local the Danish pipe shop also stocks a 'no name flake' which is described as very similar to Osbornes no. 62 flake. Good news if you like it & want some more.
    St. Bruno simply satisfies!


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