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Thread: Pipe Carvers Supplies

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    Pipe Carvers Supplies

    Hi Guys,

    Use this thread to add trusted suppliers of pipe carving materials and tools. No bad mouthing of suppliers here just post the ones you've had good experiences with and provide good quality products and service.

    We can also use this thread for group buys if anyone is ordering items they can ask if anyone else wants to join in on the order to get extra discounts for bulk buys etc. Any group buys must be paid for by individuals before the final order is placed this should include shipping costs from the person placing the main order to the group buy member. This will help to keep our costs down on materials.

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    PME I can't think of any way to bad mouth these people. I don't believe it is stated on their website, but they are open Monday - Thursday. Carolynn is an absolute joy to deal with.
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    PME is top notch and has a lot of good stuff, stems, rods, briar, bands, finishing products. Good people.

    I've bought rods and fake stone from they have some cool stuff.

    I've gotten good briar from lots of vendors. No one sells only perfect blocks, or rather, if you want that, you gotta pay crazy prices.

    I've bought repeatedly from : (Jaume Hom) The XX and the Very Tight Grain are usually nice, but you pay a premium to see the exact blocks that you are buying.

    Samantha0296 on eBay sells nice dry Tuscan wood - not sure what the mill is, but it produces excellent pipes very often.

    I am just starting to deal with this guy: Have not seen too many blocks yet but what I got was good, if a little wet yet. Have ordered more, will report.

    PE Hermann in Denmark and Hermann von Appen in Germany have all kinds of supplies as well.

    Romeo Briar (mimmo) is the guy a lot of the pros look to for a lot of wood. I think.

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    Sas pretty much nailed it... I buy my briar from Mimmo and my ebonite rods from

    SEM :
    Janzen : (he also has some nice briar)

    Look at other makers websites and look under thier workshop pics and you can see all sorts of tools and machines'll find a lot of the gear used to make sanding devices are put together by the makers themselves

    best site for conversation (I'd suggest you join in and read all you can before asking questions)
    best internet info
    best site for videos under pipe making
    and look for videos on youtube from Kurt Huhn
    here's one of the threads


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    If you use Delrin for tenons McMasters Carr is a great place to get it.
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    Steve Norse--vtfreehand on Ebag sells a lot of pipe making supplies. I've bought from him several times. Prices are cheaper if you contact via email instead of buying on Ebag.

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    I get my briar from Pimo Pipecraft. The prices are good and I've had no problems with them. Stems and such from Pipemakers Emporium, Carolyn is great. Tools from Tim West at J.H Lowe.

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    Vermont Freehand is leaving eBay and has set up his own website. He just posted this on FaceBook. Looks pretty good, but he needs some more fleshing out. I hope he eventually adds a shopping cart rather than ordering by email.

    I placed an order for some stems. Expect a smooth transaction.

    Edited to add link.
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    That was fast. The package is already on its way.
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