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Thread: An evening with Paloma

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    An evening with Paloma

    If you know Paloma like I know Paloma, you won't be surprised that she is a seductive pipe smoker. I visited her recently, and it was an evening to remember. I took notes as day turned to dusk. Here is the record of a few moments that passed between us....

    “I grew up in Missouri,” Paloma tells me, and I already know that. Her husky accent, as rough as shucked corn and as smooth as bourbon, gives her away. “That was tobacco country,” she says, and I already know that. If Paloma pulled out a box of Scotch snuff, I wouldn’t be surprised. “”When I was growing up, everybody smoked a pipe. Everybody had warm bowls before bedtime,” she says and I believe it. She closes her eyes and when she opens them, they smolder like perique at the bottom of a bowl.

    I ask Paloma for a glass of water.

    She stands up and stretches. A cat could take lessons. “I’m not against men,” she says over her shoulder as she walks into the kitchen. When she hands me water glass, the glass is sweating. So am I.

    She stretches again and yawns. “How about we share a pipe?” she asks me. I agree, unsure what will happen next.

    Paloma walks to her pipe rack. “A good man is a just a man in the end,” she tells me as she walks back in my direction, “but a good pipe is an excellent smoke.” She hands me a MacArthur corncob pipe. “Size doesn’t matter,” Paloma says. “This is Missouri Meerschaum,” she adds.

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    Hmmm...I can almost see her lithe figure, in a shimmery, form hugging, silken gown. The movements occurring underneath the fabric marrying together in a tantalizing dance of ebb and flow as it floats across her form. You can almost see the sweat beads glistening on her olive skin as she saunters across room. The humidity of the day that causes the natural response of her body, that was intended to cool her flesh, instead causing your flesh to burn...

    You write well my friend...a scintillating read so far...
    You wouldnt know it by my posts...but I really do know how to spell...

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    Write more, I'm almost there!!!
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    It's amazing the narratives about Paloma could be rated "G" and yet...
    You've heard of people who don't know nothin'? I don't even suspect nothin'.

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    How come we cant find posts here helpful?
    You wouldnt know it by my posts...but I really do know how to spell...

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    I may have not added it to the list... I'll check mate


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