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Thread: Abbreviations Used In The Pipe Community

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    Thumb Up Abbreviations Used In The Pipe Community

    Commonly Used Abbreviations found in the Pipe Smoking Community

    1792= S Gawith's 1792 Flake (formerly Cob flake)
    5100= McClelland's 5100, a red VA blend, sometimes preceded by the # sign
    AE= Art's Endevour (Art_A's own private blend)
    AFAIK= As Far As I Know
    ASP= Alt-Smokers-Pipes, another pipesmokers forums
    BBF= S Gawith's Best Brown Flake
    BC= Butz-Choquin pipe manafacturer
    BCF= G&H Bob's Choc Flake
    BOB= Brother of the Briar
    BFP= Baileys Front Porch, a C&D blend
    B&M= Brick and Mortar, i.e. an actual tobacco store, rather than an online shop.
    BTW= By The Way.
    CAO= Brand of Meershaum Pipes
    C&D= Cornell & Diehl tobacco manafacturers
    CH= Carter Hall, a drugstore blend by Middleton
    DBE= Dark Bird's Eye
    DGT= Delayed Gratification Technique for more info see
    DH= or sometimes D/H=Dunhill, English pipe manafacturer
    DLF= Dunhill Light Flake
    DLNR= Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls
    EMP= Dunhill Early Morning Pipe
    ERR= Edgeworth Ready Rubbed- sometimes ERRd
    FM= McClellands Frog Morton
    FMOTB= McClelland's Frog Morton On The Bayou.
    FMOTT= McClelland's Frog Morton On The Town.
    FVF= S Gawith Full Virginia Flake
    GFO= Gray Fox Online, another pipesmokers forum.
    G&H= Gawith & Hoggarth Co.
    GLP= G.L. Pease Tobbacco
    HB =Haunted Bookshop, Burley based blend from C&D
    HCA= Hans Christian Anderson, a line of pipes made by Stanwell, which include a long churchwarden stem and a shorter stem
    HOTW= Rattray's Hal o' the Wind
    HOW= House of Windsor
    IIRC= If I remember correctly
    IMO= In My Opinion. Variations: IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)
    KB&B= Kaufman Brothers and Bondy, early makers of Kaywoodie and Yello-Bole pipes
    KW= Kaywoodie, American pipe manafacturer
    LBF or PSLBF= Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake
    LHS= Pipes made by Ludwig and Hugo Stern. Marketed under the named LHS, Sterncrest or Purex They were manufactured in NYC from 1920's to early 1960's. They were pioneers in "stinger" technology.
    LNF or PSLNF= Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake
    LOL= Laugh out loud/Laughing out loud
    LTF or PSLTF= Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake
    McB= Macbaren's Tobacco Co.
    McC= McClellands Tobacco Co
    MM= Missouri Meerschaum, the first and foremost corncob pipe manafacturer
    MM965= Dunhill My Mixture 965 (sometimes just referred to as 965)
    NAC= North American carvers (pipemakers)
    N/C= Dunhill Nightcap
    OG= Rattray's Old Gowrie
    OGS= Orliks Golden Sliced
    OJK= Old Joe Krantz, burley based blend by C&D
    OT= Off-topic.
    OTC= Over the Counter ie.Drugstore baccies
    PA= Prince Albert tobacco, a drugstore blend by Middleton
    PL= Park Lanes Tobacconist
    PM= Pipes Magazine
    PAD= Pipe Aquisition Disorder. An incurable affliction affecting many members
    PSU= Pipe Smoker Unleashed
    PS= Peter Stokkebye
    P&W= Pipeworks & Wilke, a tobacco blender in Vermont run by Carole Burns
    SF= Smokers Forums
    SG= Samuel Gawith Co. English tobacco blenders
    S/L or SL= Squadron Leader, a Samuel Gawith blend
    SMS= Brand of Meershaum Pipes
    SMM= Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium
    SWR= Sir Walter Raleigh, drugstore tobacco
    TAD= Tobacco Aquisition Disorder see PAD above.
    YOW= Ye Olde Wood- The stamp used on Barling's Make pipes from the 1930s onward
    YMMV= Your mileage may vary
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