I have set permissions for PSU Members to add content to the Articles area, BEFORE any one adds anything there please try to keep what you submit there to the right section.

Nothing submitted will be Published until one of the PSU Team checks the content, of course we trust you guys to post nothing out of sorts but there is no way of keeping things under control there unless that area is handled in this way.

The Articles section is a very POWERFUL bit of software, it will seem new and daunting to start with but I have left the Documentation Articles there to help you get familiar with that area, I STRONGLY recommend you read the Documentation Articles BEFORE you try using that area, once you're familiar with it everything will just come naturally to you but it is going to take members a while to get to that stage.

Do have a look around in there, I have left some default content in place from the installation just so you guys can see what things look like with published content, as real content grows there I shall remove the default installed rubbish.

Enjoy the new software.