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Thread: Have A blend You Want To Try?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlMaldensNose View Post
    Condor Bar off the list thanks to a very cool gesture from Hawky. Also strike St. Bernard Flake from the list as I just learned that it is the same tobacco as Former's Straight Grain Flake, which I already have.

    So there is no confusion here, in case someone doesn't notice my location, I am in Canada. That bit of info will likely put some off, but it shouldn't. I just sent out a few samples to a PSU brother in the States and it only cost me $3.50 as it fit into a bubble envelope, which means it's not subject to standard parcel prices, inspections, etc. Might not get to him before the rapture, but if anyone knows how to take things slow and easy, it ought to be us pipe smokers.
    Thanks for letting me know. Last time I sent off a sample to Canada I put the samples in a small box and I asked for the cheapest postage possible... turned out to be $23! Then they made me itemize the "hobby supplies" and it just turned out to be a nightmare. It took me three trips the PO before I finally got it right. It was quite a stressful situation for me. I hear they're a lot more relaxed at the P.O.s in Canada compared to here. Hopefully this time around I'll have a better experience.

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    I would like to try some different flakes... I Like full virginia flake so something along that range would be nice...

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