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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottishgaucho View Post
    Do you buy your wine by the case Chris?
    Always, Crawford, and always 'wholesale'. For the past twenty years, I have had an account at Farr Vintners - the biggest and best wine brokerage/sellers in Europe.

    If you buy from them, they will store it for you at Octavian Vaults for a much reduced price. Octavian are recognised as the finest (and safest) wine storage facility and add value in terms of a fine wine's 'provenance'.

    When I release wines from 'deep storage' to the house, I store them in a Eurocave wine cabinet, which keeps them in perfect conditions till served. My cabinet as the same as the one shown below, holding about 180 bottles. I also have reserve storage in what used to be the coal bunker at the back of the utility room.

    I have always loved wine - it is indeed my passion - but only started collecting it in 1998 and wish I had begun sooner. By then, I was on decent wages, but I have never been able to save cash money; so the wine collection used to represent my 'savings' and could be changed into cash within 24 hours (as Farr's will buy them back for a 10% fee)

    Now that the mortgage is paid and the kids are grown, there should be less need for 'rainy day money' - so the missus and I are drinking our way through the cellar. It should see me out!!
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