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Thread: What's Burning In Your Cob?

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    2nd bowl of the day is PS LNF in a Country Gent. Almost out of this one, can't say I'll miss it none either. It's an OK smoke but of the three PS flakes/coins I've tried (Luxury Bullseye, Navy, and Twist) this one falls a little short in the flavor department for me.

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    Kittens on the deck...kinda hard to see in this pic but here's the skinny. The one we call Tiger was pregnant a while back. We have seen 4 little ones out back sparingly. This morning while I was in cleaning my trio of Cobblers the wife was out back. Tiger brought 3 of the little buggers up the stairs and showed them where the breakfast bowl was. My wife was frozen, scared to move in fear she'd spook them off. They stayed awhile, and 2 of the 3 little ones ate from the food bowl and played in the water dish. The 3rd little runt stayed close to Momma. Pretty cool, my son is all excited.

    They're all gone now but I'm sure they'll be back, God willing. I'm about to dirty up one of those Cobblers with a bowl of PH Golden Sliced.

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    Today's planned trip to the movies got postponed but not by me. My son decided he didn't want to chance missing the kittens come back around for dinner, haha.

    91F, 56% humidity, 72 dew point....makes for an even 100F heat index. Down from the past 4-5 days and even better tomorrow.

    Cobblers, OGS, and iced tea in the shade of the deck, watching for kittens and clouds, rain possible later.

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    Wrapping it up here in the workshop with a bowl of the Rockbass-aged Haunted Bookshop in the Washington cob, a swallow or so of cold coffee left on the side.

    After all of the statistics and reports are finished with, I've come to the conclusion that the only real danger of smoking a pipe is being interrupted.


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