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Thread: What's Burning In Your Cob?

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    More LTF in the Pride!
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    I watched the latest episode of The Pacific War in Color on the Smithsonian channel. This series has been really good so far and I've picked up a few tidbits of information I didn't already know along with some footage I've never seen. And besides General MacArthur and his cob there's been a few other pipe smoker sightings including General Curtis LeMay who was in charge of the B-29 campaign and training. So if you're not a history or war buff check it out for the pipes.

    As I watched I had a rather remarkable bowl of baccy in a Gent. It was nothing but scraps left on the cutting/tobacco board that included Solani ABF, SG Kendal Plug, PS LBF and LNF, PH Curly Block and Golden Sliced, Savinelli Doblone d'Oro, and probably a few others that were left behind. Just little bits and pieces here and there that combined turned into a wonderful, one of a kind smoke. Damn, wish now I would have paid attention to what and how much of each so I could reproduce it again. Heh.


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