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Thread: What's Burning In Your Cob?

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    Mornin' all. A bright sunny start to the day here, cool, but warming fast with lots of deck time in the forecast. I broke in my St. Patty's Day cob earlier with a bowl of Solani ABF. She's a fine smoker.

    I've got a Missouri Pride packed with Missouri Pride in one pocket and another Pride packed with a mix of GH Dark Flake US and Dark Plug in the other. They will accompany the good wife and I on a walk down past the cob shop to the river front this morning, with a stop at the farmer's market as well.

    Happy Saturday to all.

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    Happy Easter Sunday morning everyone. Hope you all have a grand day. The weather here will be almost perfect, calm, sunny and highs around 80.

    Finished off the last of the open Solani ABF in the St. Patty's Day cob earlier. I had mentioned a case of TAD settling in but I've managed to avoid it for now. Looking at what I have on hand and in the cellar there really is no reason why I'd ever have to buy more tobacco. That, and the fact the cob shop is within walking distance means I can always go there and pick up a single tin if desired.

    Since the ABF jar was empty I cracked open a tin of JA Sir John's Flake to refill it with and I'll have a bowl of that later. For now, it's Tilbury in a Cobbler as I finish off the morning pot of java.

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    Smoked a bowl of JA SJF in a Cobbler. Looks good enough, smells good enough, but taste was kinda bland and not nearly as good as the last tin I had. 4 years old, wish now I'd have let it sit another year before popping it open. Oh well, maybe it'll get better with a little jar time.

    We're now at 72F, light breeze, and sunny. I'm about to pile down an Easter ham sandwich for lunch and then hit the deck with a Dagner Pokester of Kendal Plug and some iced tea. I'll be streaming the Cards vs. Mets game out back and watching the neighbor's grandkids hunt for eggs.

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    Mornin' all. Had a wonderful Easter day here, spent much of it outside enjoying the nice weather. But I guess I ate too much as I had a heartburn and insomnia filled night. I blame it on my wife and her awesome potato salad, deviled eggs, and cole slaw. I won't mention the cheesecake, there's absolutely no way something that good could cause such discomfort, heh.

    Just about ready for my first pipe of the day. PH Golden Sliced in a Country Gent.

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    We have hit 85F on the thermometer, windows all open and ceiling fans going, Summer is not far off. Since I got little sleep last night thought I'd sneak in a nap today. Didn't have much luck there so I stared at some work to be done and shook that off. Now about to lay flame to a big bowl of Semois in a General with some iced tea on the side.


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