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Thread: Smoking Gear for trade

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    Smoking Gear for trade

    All the smoking Gear you see in this pictures is for trade.

    I am looking for short pipes 3" ~ 4" max. Please PM if you interested.

    Thank you, Aviad.

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    Don't know if you need to trade most your gear. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer. But Doug, who visits here occasionally, specializes in nose warmers. His modified cobs are great, and available for quite a fair price.

    Though, I do not know if he'll ship to Israel (or anywhere overseas).
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    Zippos and leather pouches are still available.

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    Falcon + 3 bowls still available :)

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    All the 3 Zippos + electronic Braun for a nice nose warmer...any one ?

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    3 Zippos, Braun electronic and leather pouches are still available, all the rest is gone :)

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