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Thread: La Gloria Cubaba Reserva Flechas Especiales Natural Figurado

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    La Gloria Cubaba Reserva Flechas Especiales Natural Figurado

    I think I got the name right.

    I bought these in January 2012 and the cigar had dots of plume? If not plume then whitish dots showing age.

    I've smoked several of these in the last week, and I would say that their modest price limited the smoking experience. Though certainly tasty, they are not as complex and rich as the better cigars I've smoked, especially a three year old Partagas Lusitania of several weeks ago, or a Pepin Garcia Original (formerly, Blue). Likely you would reply that a $4.00 cigar cannot be compared to a pricy habana or the flagship Don Pepin. You would be right. But given a cigar that names the colors of flavor and that which plays them richly, on the order between a Flamenco Blanca or Negra guitar, my palate finds sympathy with the latter.

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    Sounds like a nice cigar for the money!
    With kind regards, Bo


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