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    So I ordered something last Tuesday and on Wednesday it said it shipped but never showed up a tracking number today it showed a tracking number that it shipped. I called and asked what happened they said they had an issue with a computer going down or something. And everything was being done by hand. I believe it's been fixed now, it's just a week behind. FYI

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    Hope it arrives soon, Drew. They used to be kind of notorious for screwing up orders to some small degree (although they always made it right and let you keep anything they shipped in error, too), but P&C has been remarkably reliable since Cigars International took them over. This is unusual lately.

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    Personally, I wouldn't do business with P&C if they were the last people on earth, there are way to many other excellent retailers in which to choose from that don't hold the dollar higher then there customers.

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    I too don't do business with P&C for the same reasons as above, the drawback of which that most of Mr. Ouelette's fine blends are beyond reach.

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    Personally I don"t think that he's the best tobacco blender out there. I believe that he is over rated and his job is to keep the company going. There are way to many good catalog and internet companies operating to service the pipe smoking and collecting community out their.



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