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Thread: My first 'proper' cutter top tin.

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    My first 'proper' cutter top tin.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo44 View Post
    My post in another thread:

    Only the first bowl - initial impressions:

    End first - I like it!

    JimInks is right though - this is nothing like original ThreeNuns, either UK or US version. The Va.s are Gawiths "Empire" baccy and are not as round and "nut-like" as the original, plenty of oomph and more earthy but a bit thinner taste, less perique content (although well balanced for me, preferring plum to pepper) but the main difference is the lack of casing; this was reputed to be sugar, rum and anis (or at least the flavourings thereof).

    Get more? Yes, I will - but in a line up with DeLuxe Navy Rolls, Escudo, Director's Cut, and other good VaPer's rather than exclusively.

    Now I do remember seeing you post this. My apologies for making you repeat yourself but I do appreciate you reposting it. Thanks!

    In my opinion, the new Cabbies Mixture is as good if not better the Dunbar. That's saying a lot for me as Dunbar was my favorite VaPer. I find them to be similar in a lot of ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterlowercase View Post
    No doubt about that whatsoever.

    As much as I'd love to experience such a legendary blend,
    if I owned that tin I'd sell it and buy loads of Lakeland Dark + Hadde's Best Irish!

    I've known a couple of people who've sold old tins with Pipestud and both had very high praise for his services, he is a trusted member of the community and a solid figure in pipeworld, and he has a large customer base, always getting top dollar --- if you intend to sell, I'd reckon him to be yer best bet and it may be worth an inquiry with him. I'm sure his eyes will pop right out of his head upon seeing yer beautiful bulging tin and he can probably be helpful in dating as well because he's had so many old tins pass through his hands and is very well familiar with all the different variations.

    How's the bottom look?
    Clean and shiny?
    Rust pinholes are the main gremlin with the old cutters, and as well sometimes the glue adhesive used for the label instigates rust underneath where it isn't visible until opened, but yer tin is positively puffed so that is an excellent indicator that all is very well on the inside.

    On his latest update at the consignment shop he listed an old Dunhill cutter which sold for $175 even after he'd acknowledged that the rust pinholes had eaten thru and the baccy was dry, plus it was a more obscure and older "uncelebrated" Dunhill blend, Prince of Wales Mixture that not many know of and there is no legendary cachet outside of the fact that it is Dunhill...

    He also listed a 50 gram tin of Three Nuns from 2005 thus making it Danish production,
    and it sold for $110,
    if that sells for that much,
    yers would sell for much much much more.

    ...yer tin Simon,
    is a supremely spectacular Holy Grail and would most assuredly induce a stimulating orgasmic intensity for the serious tobacco collector upon seeing it.

    Thanks for the info Troy, much appreciated!
    I like yourself love it when I get hold of these lovely old tins, especially when they're in perfect Nick. I've had some of my most enjoyable 'smoggos' with vintage tobacco. A tin of 70s gallahers honeydew being the best I've ever had. Other old tins of capstan & digger have also proven more than worth the effort of searching the bay for hours! Lol. As much as I'd love to open this old cutter though, I think it's going to have to get sold. That's just too much money to pass by. I've never sold anything on eBay before & I think I need to cull a few pipes as well. So I'll probably give that a go I think. Thanks again for making me see sense. Lol. Regards, Simon.
    St. Bruno simply satisfies!

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