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Thread: Multiple bowls

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    I bought a new Falcon stem and three bowls at Green's of Leeds last year, and found an old stem and bowl elsewhere in an antiques shop on the same trip. I don't smoke them more often than a few times each month, but they are certainly fit for frequent use.

    The one rule that I have most adhered to in pipe smoking, however, is to smoke the same pipe once day only. I broke the rule when I had another Falcon stem and two bowls years ago and tried them thoroughly. I managed seven smokes with the same stem and bowl in two days before the taste of the tobacco started to go downhill. I had cleaned the stem and bowl with dry cleaners between smokes. But seven was what the pipe could take. After a smoke, the bowl felt bone dry inside, once it was wiped with a bent cleaner.

    I had received the Falcon in a swap with an American member from another forum. The stem was straight but the mouthpiece bent. That kept me from enjoying the pipe more often, and I eventually gave it away to another member of the same forum who was interested in trying a Falcon.

    The ones I have now, both with a straight stem and mouthpiece, will go with me on the next trip to the UK and likely see a lot of use there.

    By chance, I'm smoking a Falcon as I type.

    Best wishes

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    Congrats & Enjoy. You make a good point and that is finding the right Falcon for you. I went back and forth with them and recently discovered that the dental bit stem works for me. Once adjusted to, it is a fine clencher. Standard bits and bent frame weren't for me, but this frame, comfortable bit and a Hunter Bulldog bowl, have delivered some fine smokes.
    Also, in coming to learn the Falcon, I especially appreciate its near complete burn rate.

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