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Cheers MLC! The ultimate 'jolly smoggo' awaits. Still haven't got round to smoking the gallahers honeydew plug yet, have you smoked yours? Might smoke the plug & the digger back to back after a nice Sunday roast dinner. Glass of port on the side. These old baccys deserve the 'special treatment' I think. Best regards, Simon.
Funny story about the RDH plug, it turns out that he only had one and had not removed it from the site yet, but when paying, his system charged me for domestic UK post so he told me whats up and the the missing plug made up for the adjusted international post --- I'm just glad that you got it and may offer us a grand report of its smoking qualities...

...I agree about the 'special treatment' so it all becomes a truly time-stopping experience, as in many cases it does seem to transport you!