After the great success of adding the dried out JBR-era St. Bruno to LakeLand Dark and being astounded at how receptively the LLD took the flavor in, providing a neutral backbone and letting the St. Bruno dominate, well now I'm gonna hafta experiment with different flavored baccies inna parfait fashion just because it was so damn good --- I mean don't get me wrong, I love LLD as it is, but being able to "enhance" it when I'm in the mood is also very appealing.

It's quite dire because now St. Bruno ain't got the good sauce, and even Condor has gone sourly south (or more accurately: it's seemingly gone to Eastern Europe and they've messed the sauce up, tastes of suntan lotion to me now!), so my pickins are slim as the world disappears before me.

I'm totally at a loss for finding a good-to-me aro, so any pointers would be a great help.

I'm mostly looking for non-chemotoxic dark fruit flavors, but stuff like vanilla or chocolate aren't out of the question either, or any perhaps unique and unidentifiable flavors that may be floating around.

This will be interesting to say the least.

Doing a bit of research on the numerous aros out there, it is exhausting and I get dizzy-headed!

I did find this review when looking at the Sillem's offerings,
and it cracked me up!

Linea Epoque Antique is a slightly macaroonic way of saying "Old Time Line". Old time what? Old-time tobacco-blenders' fog. Mirabelle is just French for a plum.

So what we have here is a whole lot of Dutch Cavendish-processed leaf, cased with plum/vanilla/coffee goop, and negligible amounts of yellow Virginia and a bit of Burley so that the whole thing does not quite wind up in the "hot air" category. It's exactly like 277 other German/Danish blends fed into handsome tins for women to buy on Father's Day. I can't think of any reason why I would seek this out a second time.

The first aro in my quiver is Vauen Earl Grey, which sounds promising,
but no reviews as of yet...

Due to the stupidly asinine new EU regs regarding flavor branding, they had to rename it as "Oxford Blend".

any suggestions for good aromatics would be most welcome!