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The problem I have with smoking blends all day, everyday is I tend to see them in a different light and get bored of them and/or get sick of their taste profile. Do you think that some of the problem could be related to just over doing it with Condor? I'm relatively new to Condor so the stuff that's on the market now is the stuff I fell in love with, I have no other reference point. I taste a beautifully floral tobacco that's rich with citrus notes synergistically working with the darker notes to bring a truly unique smoking experience. I think I would really tire of it if I smoked it all day, every day which is why I like to keep it as a treat as opposed to an all day smoke. For my all day smokes I need something like Bayou Morning that's just pure tobacco flavor as it's something I'll never burn out on.

I love Dan Tobacco aromatics! Have you looked through their offerings, ya might get some good ideas there.

Gonna have to experiment with Lakeland Dark now! Thanks for the inspiration! I still think you really need to get your hands on some Westmorland Slices, I think you would love it! I wish I had more or I would send you some but I went through my stash real quick.
this is exactly why im almost done with captain black... if you can find it you might try smokers pride vanilla